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Obituary for Susan Miller (Richesson)

Susan Miller was Peace and Love. Her compassion for all things big and small, young and old,
privileged and troubled, human and other, was unparalleled. Amidst a humanity that strives for
impressive legacies, touting ones accomplishments, she required none… but maybe, to her
surprise, created one that is lasting. To see her hands was to understand her life… gentle and
cared for on the tops, labored and callused on the bottom. Her discomfort with standing out
was her way to let others shine in her presence; if you were with her, you were the topic of
conversation and interest. Although teaching was her profession, she didn’t lead with a heavy
hand, but listened to know how best the individual could shine. It seemed as though the most
difficult of subjects somehow flocked to Susan. Quick to give you anything you admired
because ‘she didn’t need it anyway.’

Even while writing this, I imagine that she would stop reading… it would be too much to
continue on just about her. How one can be so content in the happiness of others is inspiring
and if all could take that piece of Susan with them, it could only make their life and others
better. How one can listen to adults and children alike with the same ear – not changing her
demeanor due to age or importance… treating all as human beings, nothing more or less.
Susan didn’t want to impress and wasn’t impressed by riches and wealth… she was impressed
with the good she could pull out of each and every person.

Unapologetically who she was while sporting birks with wood stain and paint splattered sweats
no matter the season…. But it always worked for her. She has taught her dearly beloved
grandchildren that it’s ok to just be themselves. She was needed at the last minute more than
one can imagine, but always took the call and made sure there was a stop by DQ or Sonic in the
midst of it all because Dilly Bars could turn around most any issues. Acceptance of all three of
her son in laws almost in immediacy, which could never be simple when raising three radiant,
young, strong women. They weren’t Son’s in law, they were ‘her boys’ whom she passed down
the art her father had once taught her, furniture restoration, all the way to just before the finish
line, when she would deliver with a leg missing or a few screws left unturned. Three daughters
who resemble a young Susan, enough so that she would apologize for it! Countless interaction
through all avenues with a constant reminder of how much she loved them and how she would
do anything for them… no matter the ask. And then, Mark… the stalwart of the family with
the strength given to him by having Susan by his side. A love that passed through nearly half a
century. One that was built on acceptance of whom one another were from very early on. Not
a mushy love… a love like an oak connects with the earth to continue to grow. Deep and calm
even as the storms came and went.

Our family is so appreciative of the amount of love and support that we have received from
people everywhere. It is evident that she has touched the lives of many. In lieu of flowers or
planting a tree, please go to the memory page and donate a memory. We would love to hear
any and all of your funny or memorable stories about her. Additionally, her love for animals
was unparalleled so donations in her name to Mission Driven Goods (Mission, Donate to a
Campaign) would be much appreciated.

With love, the family of Susan Miller